The Last: Naruto the Movie to finally hit Singapore this month


Good news Naruto fans in Singapore because Cathay Cineplexes will finally be playing the much anticipated The Last: Naruto the Movie in Singapore later this week!

NarutoLightboxA The Last: Naruto the Movie to finally hit Singapore this month

Cathay Cineplexes will exclusively show the movie in their AMK HUB, Causeway Point, Downtown East, Jem, The Cathay, and West Mall cinemas starting March 12, 2015. Fans can now reserve tickets through the official Cathay Cineplexes website

The movie is set between chapters 699 and 700, which is Naruto’s final chapter. It is set two years after the Fourth Great Ninja War, however, the peaceful times are threatened when the moon begins to descend upon the planet and begins to threaten all life on Earth. Amid the chaos, Toneri, a descendant of Naruto’s “Final Boss”, Kaguya, attempts to kidnap Hinata Hyuuga, however, he ends up kidnapping her sister, Hanabi instead. Naruto and the others now attempt to rescue her.

The movie was also played in several other countries like Australia. It was supposed to be shown in the Philippines last December 17, however, because of some “technical issues”, SM Cinemas, which will exclusively distribute the anime movie in the country, has put its Philippine premiere on hold but has promised it will indeed show it in the country.



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