One Piece Chapter 908 : Title “Beginning of Reverie”

ワンピース 908 Spoiler update | One Piece Chapter 908 Raw / Scans Update

One Piece Chapter 908 – Curtain Rises on Reverie

Mysgard says if the Merfolk do end up in a fight he’ll take responsibility. Vivi asks for Cobra, but Pell explains he got a letter and is discussing something with Fujitora and King Riku.

The leader of the Solbe Kingdom is a little old lady named Koni, and she tries to pass through the gate of Pangea but isn’t let through. Meanwhile they’re trying to rush Saint Charloss through because of his injuries and Rosewald who heard of what happened came running down immediately.

Koni runs for it when Rosewald shows up, and it’s revealed she’s Bonney who aged herself up to look old.

Rosewald comments on how Mysgard has no slaves of his own, and is a weirdo sort of like Homing 30 years ago –the whole Donquihote family is nuts in his opinion.

He’s riding on the “undefetable” slave Kuma. Kuma’s info box says he’s currently a Shichibukai but used to be a part of the revolutionary army and the former king of Solbe kingdom. They’re renting him out as a slave and Bonney sees this reducing her to tears, and she resolves to stick with her mission, and she’ll never forgive them for doing this to Kuma.

Meanwhile the Revolutionaries are underground and Sabo hears of this and is angry they’d do something to their gentle ally Kuma.

Karasu comments that even if they take Kuma back there’s no way to return him to what he once was…

Lindberg comments that this is what happens to even the strongest folks who oppose “God” referring to Kuma.

The Tenryuubito are located near Marine HQ and have CP0 here as well! If they screw up….

Sabo says there are no screwups, and either they succeed or die.

The kings talk amongst themselves about Big mom’s near assassination, and how Kaidou is next on Luffy’s radar. Elizabello laughs agreeing when they say that Luffy is causing big things to happen.

They gather around the table in an impressive spread and the meeting begins.

As that begins the Gorosei make their way down to a meeting called by Cobra and wonder if he suspects something.

“The Nefeltari clan…800 years ago they were the one clan of the “first 20″ bloodlines to stay below. So in short they are traitors.”

Meanwhile in the castle of Pangea in a place called the “Flower room” the mysterious person with the giant straw hat from weeks to go is summoned, and they’re called “Im-sama”

Despite the throne supposing to be empty Im sama stands before it and the Gorosei kneel to them, asking if there is a light in history they would like extinguished.

“The peace/equality of the world has to must be upheld eternally.”

“So then a grand cleansing must once again occur”.


One Piece on break next week.

ワンピース 908 Spoiler update | One Piece Chapter 908 Raw / Scans Update

Will this group become an obstacle to Luffy and the Strawhat Pirates? There is still no way to confirm this out. Hopefully, they would ally with Luffy because, hey, two Yonkous are trying to kill him already. An ally is not a bad thing for the Strawhats right now.

One Piece Chapter 908 – Download / Scan Raw

We will update this post on Where to read and download One Piece Chapter 908 Raw / Scans online, as soon as we have details. Stay tuned.

Where To Download/Read One Piece 908 Online?

There are some illegal sites like MangaStream, MangaPanda, MangaReader, KissManga, MangaFreak, MangaFox, etc. That allows downloading for mangas, but you cannot download One Piece 908 Raw/Scans from any of the official sites, however, you can read it online on Viz for free while supporting mangakas. Also, we just have 9-10 more chapters left for One Piece’s Reverie arc. After that, we’ll get to see the War of Wano Kuni begin and it will most certainly blow every single One Piece arc out of the water. One Piece Chapter 908 will be out on June 15, 2018. The official translation for the chapter will be out on June 18, 2018.


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