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10 Fantastically Fun Anime For A Rainy Day

Life got you down? Too much homework? Need a bit of time away from the anime feels? Whatever the case, sometimes we all need something that will leave us smiling, so hopefully these anime will help.

1. Daily Lives of High School Boys 

Image © NIS America

This series is exactly what it sounds like. High school boys just living each day as it comes. Think your own life could use a little more pizazz? Sit back, relax, and takes notes on the supposedly ordinary days of a group of guys stuck at an all-boys school. Whether they’re being stalked by probably mentally unstable girls, fleeing a Gundam attack on their city, or reducing the main character’s screen time, there’s no way you won’t crack a smile at least once thanks to Tadakuni and the gang by the time the credits roll.

2. Hayate the Combat Butler

Image © Crunchyroll

Inspiring coming of age story? Check. Characters fighting through adversity and misfortune and triumphing despite all they lost? Check. Sagely advice from Santa Claus about the troubles of those in poverty? Check.

Hayate the Combat Butler truly has something for everyone, starting with its down on his luck protagonist, Hayate, and the parents who sell him off to settle their debts. The series has you following him on his path to pay off the debt while working as a butler for Nagi Sanzenin. It’s a tough road, one filled with extreme misunderstandings and odd pop culture references, but as Santa teaches us, those with diligence and determination will have the last laugh!

3. My Ordinary Life

Image © Crunchyroll

Not unlike the first series in this list, My Ordinary Life is broken up into several small scenes across each episode, where we see different parts of the day for each character. A robot, a pint-sized scientist, and a goat-riding farmer are just a few of the individuals occupying this world, all of whom only want an ordinary life for themselves in a not so ordinary world. It is a show which celebrates the little things in life, albeit taken to terrifying degrees. It’s sure to put a smile on anyone’s face!

4. The Devil is a Part-Timer!

Image © Funimation

Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Defeated in his own world, Demon King Sadao and his general, Ashiya, are forced to flee to ours. Left without magic or a way to return home, Sadao takes up a part time job at MgRonalds while Ashiya does the household chores, and together they set about conquering our world. Their first obstacle? MgRonalds’ rival, Sentucky Fried Chicken.

Well, they’re also followed by a half-angel warrior bent on annihilating them from existence, but watching them all come closer is half the fun.

5. Baka and Test

Image © Funimation

I hate to imagine how different my school life might have been if classes were structured as they are in Baka and Test. The dumber you are, the more worn down and shoddily made the classroom you’re assigned to will be. Everyone knows where you fall, too. Baka and Test has people publicly ranked from A to F, and any who want to move up may only do so by challenging a class above them to battle. Yes, you read that right. Battle. Every individual has a small avatar whose stats changed based on grades from your most recent tests. Thus, we see chibi versions of the main characters often getting into ridiculous fights as everyone ‘trains’ to improve their test scores to finally move beyond classroom F.

6. Haganai

Image © Funimation

In Japanese, this show’s title is literally, “I Don’t Have Many Friends.” This being the situation faced by series protagonists Kodaka and Yozora, what’s a person to do except make a new club for friendless people? It’s almost inevitable that this sort of group will end up drawing the strangest bunch out of the school, but each member perseveres in order to finally build some lasting friendships. Whether or not they succeed is another matter entirely…

7. Love, Chuunibyou, and Other Delusions

The Dark Flame Master, ladies and gentlemen.

Image © Sentai Filmworks

Some comedies can’t help but mix more drama into the mix than others, but Love, Chuunibyou, and Other Delusions does an awesome job with it. For those who don’t know the phrase, ‘chuunibyou’ is a Japanese term roughly meaning ‘middle school sickness,’ and refers to people who continue to act like middle schoolers even as they’ve grown beyond that age.

In this series we have Yuuta, once known as the Dark Flame Master, now desperate to change his image after entering high school. Unfortunately, on his first day he meets Rikka Takanashi, a girl still very much with the mindset of the middle schooler, who becomes convinced that Yuuta and his powers are the real deal. If it sounds ridiculous, that’s probably because it is, but watching the absurd battles and relationships that ensue is still a ton of fun.

8. The Irresponsible Captain Tylor

Image © Right Stuf Inc.

The lucky idiot or hidden genius is nothing new to anime, but The Irresponsible Captain Tylor brings it to us in style. He’s got a loyal crew ready to fight a war with him, so kick back and just enjoy the moving trainwreck that is his life. Even if the higher-ups hate him, it’s impossible not to be amused at Tylor’s extraordinary luck from battle to battle, as we see him outwit soldiers, generals, and dozens more, all considerably more qualified than he is to be in space combat.

9. Space Dandy

Image © Funimation

If watching Space Dandy doesn’t leave you feeling dandy, I don’t know what will. Dandy, QT, and Meow are just an ordinary group of bounty hunters that search for undiscovered species to be taken to the Alien Registration Center. Unfortunately for them, they’re also hopelessly incompetent. Fortunately for us, they remain very persistent, with each episode bringing us a whole new planet to explore, exotic characters to meet, and more chances for Dandy and friends to completely wreck any shot they have at changing their luck. With their go-get-’em attitude and determination, we’re certain they’ll succeed someday! …Maybe.

And here you have them, some of the most fun series you’ll ever come across. Still not enough? Then maybe you just need to watch a feel good video instead:

10. Gintama

10 Fantastically Fun Anime For A Rainy Day


Need I say more?

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