10 Incredible ‘Ghost Fighter’ Moments That Will Reawaken Your Inner Anime Kid

We decided to revisit the series following news of a 'Yu Yu Hakuso' anime special and smartphone game

10 Incredible 'Ghost Fighter' Moments That Will Reawaken Your Inner Anime Kid
10 Incredible ‘Ghost Fighter’ Moments That Will Reawaken Your Inner Anime Kid

An upcoming Yu Yu Hakusho anime special and smartphone game were announced this week, and fans of the animated series known as Ghost Fighter in the Philippines can’t wait.


The show tells the story of resurrected teen Yusuke (Eugene in the Tagalog dub), whose hobbies include fighting demons and entering tournaments with his spirit gang—Kuwabara (Alfred), Kurama (Dennis), and Hiei (Vincent). It was a title that local anime followers who grew up in the ’90s rushed home to in the afternoon to catch.

In light of the recent developments about our beloved series, FHM ranks the greatest moments from Yu Yu Hakusho that defined every Pinoy kid’s childhood:

Younger Toguro ‘kills’ Alfred

If this didn’t happen, Yusuke might not have been able to go full power against Toguro at 120%.

Alfred wields his Dimension Sword for the first time

Easily Kuwabara’s best minutes in the show as a brash brute who was also a loyal and lovable character.

Dennis reveals his demon-fox form

Questions about his gender were silenced when we first saw the silver-haired, fox-eared man.

Dennis f*cks Elder Toguro up

Additional proof that you wouldn’t like to get on Kurama’s morbid (and psychotic) side.

Vincent slices Blue Dragon up

We were convinced that no other anime character was faster than Hiei.

Vincent destroys the stadium vs Bui

The best part of this match is the way he falls asleep and becomes defenseless afterwards.

Eugene uses shoes to fight Suzaku

You know an animated series is bound to be great when the hero applies logic during a battle.

Younger Toguro shoots finger flip bullets

The ability to send Yusuke flying with mere snaps explains why Toguro is such a feared antagonist.

Eugene suddenly grows his hair out

Raizen’s idea of ultimate father-son bonding is possessing Yusuke and filling him with tattoos.

Eugene loses to Yomi in the Demon World

It only goes to show that not all protagonists are invincible and can take a punch in the face.


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