10 Sailor Soldiers Dance “Sailor Moon Musical” Encore Song


To promote the release of the latest DVD “-Un Nouveau Voyage-,” a special website dedicated to the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Musical series from 2013 to 2015 has also launched with many new videos introducing highlights of the past three shows. The longest one is the encore performance of “Ai no Starshine” by the 10 sailor soldiers from the 7,800-yen DVD. The 2015 musical was performed at AiiA 2.5 Theater Tokyo from September 18 to 27 and at Osaka Sankei Hall Breeze from October 2 to 4.



“Ai no Starshine” 10 sailor soldiers version


A release commemoration event for the DVD will be held twice (15:00, 18:30) at the Noco Nico headquarters in

Ikebukuro, Tokyo, on February 28. Its second part will be also streamed on Nico Nico Live. The past cast members

of the five sailor soldiers: Satomi Okubo (Sailor Moon), Momoyo Koyama (Sailor Mercury), Kanon Nanaki (Sailor

Mars), Yu Takahashi (Sailor Jupiter), and Shiori Sakata (Sailor Venus), are scheduled to join for a talk show.



2nd preview



1st preview



DVD jacket

10 Sailor Soldiers Dance




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