11 Terrible First Kisses in Anime

There are some epic first kisses in anime. The kind you wait for. The kind the series built up the entire time. And then, well, there are some bad ones. From accidental and awkward to “oops, I accidentally ate your face,” anime has some pretty amazingly bad first kiss scenes.

Naruto and Sasuke in Naruto

Perhaps the most famous worst first kiss should be the first on the list, right? Every Naruto fan remembers the time early on in the series where Naruto and Sasuke kissed. It is the foundation on which their entire problematic bromance was built, and now that the series is over, a source of memes.

Hidenori and Yoshitake in The Daily Lives of High School Boys

This series is full of fun gags, but no one expected this “r/suddenly gay” moment when Hidenori attempted to crush a hornet on Yoshitake’s face with…his own face.

Hana and Kiyoshi in Prison School

There is no finer way to best an opponent then to demean them in unexpected ways. Hana knows Kiyoshi loves someone else, so she steals his first kiss. It will forever be hers and the battle is suddenly won!

Hagu and Morita in Honey and Clover

This series is full of awkward moments, but none more so than the first kiss of these two. Hagu is timid and tiny and Morita loves cute things, thus he loves her. One day, he was admiring how cute she looks in his scarf and unconsciously kisses her. Embarrassed, he pulls the scarf over her face and runs away, as one does.

Casanova, he is not.

Dio and Erina in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

You know that “It was me, Dio” meme? If you ever watch Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, you will know that it comes from the moment Dio steals her first kiss. It is one thing to bully your rival, but to capture the lips of his girl? Naw, dawg.

Takeo and Sunakawa in My Love Story

It takes real friendship to agree to your best friend’s request to practice kissing. Of course, you need the proper equipment, which in this case is the protective power of saran wrap.

Saya and Haji in Blood+

In order to wake Saya up, she needs blood. Unfortunately, she isn’t getting it herself while unconscious. This leads to the first kiss for the pair as Haji force feeds her blood. It all happens in front of her brother too.

Araragi and Senjougahara in Bakemonogatari

Senjougahara is one of those anime girls that is just incredibly awkward about everything she does. After one awkward date that she demands he goes on, it ends with one really awkward kiss that she demands that they do. There is nothing wrong with being aggressive in your affections, but you need to word it correctly.

Kosuda and Yamada in B Gata H Kei

This mind as well be called “Awkward First Love: The Anime” as everything this pair does is uncomfortable. Even their first kiss ends with Yamada running off into the night while Kosuda seems pretty proud of himself.

That One Teen Kiss in Kemonzume

This series is about a romance between a demon and a demon hunter. However, there is one moment where a demon schoolboy asks his crush out. Unfortunately, a quick and playful peck in the park ends up with him eating half of his crush.

He barfs it up after, too.

Taichi and Iori in Kokoro Connect

This kiss wouldn’t be so strange if it wasn’t in Kokoro Connect. Taichi and Iori have feelings for each other, we can all see that. Unfortunately, their confession and first kiss actually happen when Iori is in another girl’s body. Awkward.

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