12 Brutal One-Sided Anime Fights


In anime, when two great warriors start fighting, you can expect certain things. They will start by testing each other out, using techniques, and then adapting their style to come out on top. These are the exciting fights. However, there is also something extremely fun about the fights where you just know it is going to be a slaughter. Let’s talk about those!

Frieza V. Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z

In Vegeta’s mind, he was always working for Frieza by choice and never because he was actually stronger than him. This is what makes this fight in the Namek Saga so absolutely brutal. Frieza just wails on him so hard you can see anguish dripping from Vegeta’s eyes. Of course, this is par for the course with Frieza as if every fight isn’t one-sided in his favor, he powers up again.

Alucard V. Luke Valentine in Hellsing

This fight, happening rather early in Hellsing, serves an important purpose. Up until now, we saw Alucard fight and win, but had no idea the extent of his powers. The fight with the Valentines is the moment we are educated on the vast well of power inside Alucard.

Kanbaru V. Koyomi in Bakemongatari

You know you are bested when your opponent opens up your abdomen so they can swing you around by your intestines. Brutal isn’t enough of a word to cover what this beat down was. Even the constant changing of colors couldn’t soften this brutal bashing.

Accelerator V. Awaki in A Certain Magical Index

Pretty much any fight with Accelerator is a fight where someone is vastly outmatched. The unfortunate part about this particular beat down was that Awaki though he had lost his powers. She found out quickly and painfully that she was misinformed.

Rider V. Assassin in Fate/Stay

This battle was tens of thousands of Rider’s soldier against 100 assassins. It was indeed a slaughter with the remains of assassin being ground to dust under the feet of thousands of soldiers.

Momonga V. Clementine in Overlord

In Overlord, you know Momonga is powerful, but everyone else doesn’t. This fight is actually more funny than anything else because of how confident Clementine is. She killed his pawns and now she’ll kill him with ease, right? Unfortunately for her, she was far too overconfident.

Gon V. Pitou in HunterxHunter

HunterxHunter has many one-sided fights, but this one is pretty interesting. Pitou was built up to be incredibly powerful, but this fight was an absolute slaughter by Gon who received a bit of a power-up. Considering it ends with him pinning Pitou to the ground with his own severed arm, its pretty brutal.

Mustang V. Envy in Fullmetal Alchemist

The death of Maes Hughes was supposed to be pretty devastating, so you need to have the vengeance fight for that character be pretty epic. However, while Mustang’s fire alchemy is strong, Envy regenerates so it seems like a good match up for a nice fight. Well, turns out the key to regeneration is to just go at it so hard that the regeneration just gives out.

Walpurgis Night V. Homura in Madoka Magica

Having the power to rewind time means that if you face an opponent, you have every opportunity to adapt. That is what Homura tried to do, but every time she faced Walpurgis Night, no matter her efforts, it resulted in outstanding defeat for all those involved.

Madara V. The Kages in Naruto

I remember when Madara was current and how scared fans were that the author created a villain so powerful it couldn’t be defeated without complete bullshit happening. He wiped the floor with the entire Shinobi Alliance and he wiped the floor with arguably the most powerful ninja alive – the Kages. He didn’t even break a sweat.

Special Region Army V. The Japanese Self-Defense Force in Gate

European medieval technology versus modern military might? Who will win? You know who. They make it very clear the difference in power with the beginning battle against the united military attacking the JSDF. You also get to see what happens when an attack chopper is brought to a castle siege later.

Saitama V. Everyone in One Punch Man

The whole plot of One Punch Man revolved around Saitama being TOO strong to the point where any fight is easily won. Rest assured, even with seemingly challenging opponents, most of the time he is just handicapping himself or messing around until it is time to deliver the blow.


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