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12 Dumb Ways To Die In Anime

Disclaimer: The nature of this article necessitates images some may find disturbing, though not in a purely gruesome and shocking way. They are intended to evoke a sense of humor.


Death is not an uncommon sight in the world of anime; in fact, it’s quite expected to go hand in hand with plenty of blood for any occasion. Mock deaths, funny deaths, dramatic deaths — every type of death imaginable has most likely been carried out in a series or two. Here are 12 of the dumbest ways to die in anime.


1. Falling on your umbrella

© P.A. Works

Another is a show filled with death scenes, and few were as memorable or the cause of as unbelievably bad luck as the umbrella death. Falling down the stairs only to have your umbrella land perfectly in front of you, at an angle that would pierce your throat is an unlucky and dumb way to die.


2. The super poke

© Toei Animation

Be wary of pointed fingers; Fist of the North Star teaches us that fingers are deadly. Who knew getting poked in the head would cause such a headache, and by headache, I mean head explosion.


3. The flashy entrance

© J.C. Staff, VIctor Entertainment

You always want to make a good first-impression, but unfortunately tragedy strikes when we least expect it. Pulling out all the stops for this flashy entrance resulted in the Mayor’s unexpected demise from Excel Saga. At least he went out in style.


4.  Voluntarily eating food from someone who cannot cook

© Studio Deen

Dying from food is not exactly uncommon, but when you are fully aware that someone like Seraphim from Is This a Zombie? can only cook toxic concoctions of death, well, you look like an idiot for choosing to eat it.


5. Being an oblivious clutz

© Arms

The sirens are blaring, the voice over the speaker phone is telling you to escape; but no, you decided you absolutely must deliver that cup of coffee to your boss, only to trip over your own feet right beside the now free human experiment that wants to slaughter everyone. Good job oblivious secretary from Elfen Lied.


6. Being the unfortunate third wheel

© A-1 Pictures

Person A wants to kill Person B, but you are Person Z, a person no one is interested in, so unfortunately you also have to die. Kirito from Sword Art Online was quite popular amongst his peers, as well as various jealous individuals who wanted him dead, so maybe it’s not a good idea to hang around someone who attracts this much attention. You might get caught up in his assassination attempts and become a victim yourself.

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