12 hilarious anime pictures that are clearly impossible to happen in real life!

Japan has long been famous for its quality and popular animation films and television shows like the classic Dragon Ball, Doraemon, and Captain Tsubasa which became worldwide phenomena. Along with great and engaging story line, these animation shows easily gain millions of fans from around the globe for their unique anime characters.

However, there are many hilarious instances in these anime shows if they happen in real life! From impossible hairstyle to invisible fence, these scenes from your favourite anime shows will make you laugh your head off!

#1 When you do not care someone blocks your way

#2 If our mouth was on our cheek in real life

#3 Long fringe problem

#4 Ops! What is wrong with Nobita’s hand?

#5 If anime characters were real, this is what their skulls would look like!

#6 In a world where having six fingers is the norm

#7 We wonder where did he get that newspaper

#8 Which one is the cartoon? 

#9 Just focus on his face. You will see magic!

#10 Looks like they love to collect the same book

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