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13 Japanese Foods You Need To Eat Before You Die

We think we’re cultured eating instant ramen and drinking ramune everyday, but we all know there is more to Japanese dining than the basic otaku diet.



So let’s level up our tastebuds and introduce some Japanese dishes you have to try before you die!


1. Okonomiyaki


2. Katsudon


3. Takoyaki


3. Sashimi


4. Sukiyaki


5. Yakitori


6. Soba Noodles (cold or hot)


7. Chirashi-don


8. Wagyu Beef

Eat it with anything like this Nigiri style, omg


9. Japanese Curry

Golden Curry box, delish


10. Ochazuke


11. Taiyaki

Red bean, green tea, chocolate, vanilla flavors


12. Mochi (various flavors)


13. Japanese Water Mochi



Now that you know all these amazing dishes, you can go to that cool Japanese spot you love and stuff your face. Pinky out!



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