8 Shonen Manga Adults Should Definitely Give A Shot

13 Types of Fans You Hate Watching Anime With

1. The Dubs Only

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure © David Production

We get it, you don’t like to read subtitles. There is nothing wrong with dubs; most people got introduced to anime with dubs! But some shows just don’t translate well when dubbed, like 95% of comedies. Plus, why wait a year for a passable dub when we can simulcast with subtitles a few hours after an episode airs in Japan?



2. The Subs Only

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya © Kyoto Animation

Yeah, yeah, dubs are all trash. We get it. But the easiest way to introduce someone new to anime is with a dub, and they are not all bad! Just check out Cowboy Bebop or Black Lagoon. The problem, like their dubbed only brother, is that they think the existence of one destroys the legitimacy of the other.



3. The Shipper

Free! © Kyoto Animation

Relationships are serious business, especially when it comes to anime couples. They will pair every character with someone or something (Naruto x ramen anyone?), even if relationships are irrelevant in a series. And I pity you if you come across a shipper while watching a romance series.



4. The Waifu / Husbando Collector

The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls © A-1 Pictures

Waifus and husbandos are like Pokemon; you gotta catch ’em all! Their enjoyment of a show is directly influenced based on “waifu material.” There is nothing wrong with having a favorite male or female character or two, but let’s limit the amount of dakimakuras we have in our closets.



5. The Adaptation Hater

Angel Beats © P.A. Works

It’s almost a fact that the anime will never live up to the manga or light novel it is adapting. Stories have to be condensed to fit into 12-24 episodes, and some characters have to be merged into one. But for most people, this streamlined approach is good enough, and if the adaptation keeps the spirit of the source, it’s acceptable. Plus, the anime could get more people into the manga, and that’s a good thing.



6. The All Around Hater

Sword Art Online © A-1 Pictures

These people hate anime so much, that they are willing to watch every new show that comes out in a season just to remind you how shitty anime has become.



7. The Talker

My Little Monster  © Brain’s Base

“Hey, let’s watch some Death Parade! Man, I wonder why they are in bar? What is with that creepy bartender…I’m getting scaroused. Oh man, they are playing darts? Did you see that? Ooooh, ouch, that looks like it hurt! Hey, where are you going? Please don’t jump.”



8. The Elitist

They only watch the best anime from the mystical ’80s and ’90s decade. They also have no need for subtitles, because both subs and dubs are for lowly plebs. And don’t mention a shonen series when they are around, they will just tell you how bad they are. In fact, don’t mention anime at all, because you will be lectured on how shitty your taste is compared to them.



9. The Hipster

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure © David Production

Often times crossing over with The Elitist, they only watch shows that either no one has ever heard of or are considered bad by the majority of anime fans. Sometimes, it’s hard to know if they are actually serious about their opinions (which is fine) or are keeping up an elaborate joke. One thing is for sure, I will applaud anyone that unironically enjoyed Mouse.



10. The Know-It-All

Working!! © A-1 Pictures

“You know, Japanese people don’t actually do that! That’s not how schools in Japan are actually ran.” They have good intentions, but most people know that anime is not a true to life representation of Japanese culture.



11. The Abridger

Another © P.A. Works

Yeah, you saw Team Four Star and think you can make a good abridge series too! In fact, you think you are funnier than TFS, those guys have gotten too mainstream these days. Just, please practice your “jokes” when we’re not watching anime together.



12. The Multitasker

Sword Art Online © A-1 Pictures

You want to sit down and watch some anime with your friend, but they have other plans in mind. They might try typing up a paper, do some wacky exercise routine, or try to play iron chef during the middle of a show! Now you have to constantly pause and rewind because they couldn’t hear or read the subtitles.



13. The Weeaboo

God help us all.


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