14 Blood-Pumping Vampire Romance Anime Series

Even if you are well out of your Anne Rice/Twilight phase, sometimes there is just something to be enjoyed about vampire romances. The vampire, as a creature, is designed to be innately sexy as they swoop in and suck on a notoriously erogenous zone to literally remove your life blood. Anime doesn’t always capitalize on making vampires quite so alluring, but they are rather fond of using them in romance anime series. If you are looking to fill the particular void that is vampire romance anime in your life, we have some recommendations for you.


Rosario + Vampire


This series follows a human that is forced to go to a supernatural school. There a vampire discovers his secret humanity and they bond over it. From there, he gathers himself a harem of supernatural women by basically helping or saving them. They all end up guarding his secret. It is a little lewd, a lot of harem, but you can distinctly tell that the first girl is the concrete love interest.

Vampire Knight


If your looking for a vampire romance that one would be used to from Western media, with brooding handsome boys and occasionally foolish but earnest girls, then Vampire Knight is for you. It is high on drama, melancholy, and plot twists.



Bakemonogatari is a lot of things, and one of those things is a vampire romance. What you do need to realize, though, is that it isn’t a romance anime. The romance is there, but Bakemonogatari focuses very heavily on the plot, so squee moments are few and far in between.

Actually, I Am


This is a lot like Rosario + Vampire. A guy finds out a classmate is a vampire accidentally. He protects her secret. His harem of supernatural girls grows as he continues to discover them. Of course, the vampire girl feels distinctly like a main girl, but again, the harem of it all is there.

Devils Line

devils line anime

So, here’s the thing. If there was one vampire romance I would recommend myself, it would be Devils Line, but only because I’ve read the manga and it gets rather sexy as hell. Unfortunately, the anime never got there, and chances of a second season seem slim. That being said, Devils Line does keep true to that brooding and self-loathing sort of vampire with a girl that just sort of goes a long with things, and that may not be for everyone.


This is perhaps one of the livelier vampire series. As a comedy romance, it may not be quite what you are looking for, but it twists a lot of things. The most interesting bit is that Karin produces too much blood and is forced to give it away. So she is a vampire that gives rather than takes. Unfortunately, it is a bit of an ecchi series.


This vampire romance, as I understand it, is based on a novel. In it, a warriors flees to the mountains, meets a woman, and falls in love. It turns out that she is a vampire and has now made him unable to die. The romance is, admittedly a bit lacking, but it is an interesting series to watch the span of time go by.

Dance With Devils

Vampires and demons are abound in a school, all secretly searching for a grimoire that will allow them to rule the world. A normal girl finds herself all tangled up in them. If you are in the market for anime series that it bursting with beautiful boys, then this is the reverse harem for you. However, not all the boys are vampires, but they are all dashingly handsome.

Fortune Arterial

Fortune Arterial has a pretty familiar plot as far as vampire romances go. Boy meets girl at school, girl turns out to be a vampire. It is more akin to your standard harem anime than it is a vampire romance. In fact, her being a vampire often seems quite inconsequential.

Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase

For what it looks like, Tsukuyomi actually creates an interesting story about a vampire girl (in cat ears) who tries to enslave a boy with her bite. It doesn’t work, but he actually ends up helping her escape the castle that other vampires keep her trapped in. The series follows her basically moving into his house while she searches for her mother and evades other vampires. It isn’t quite as romantic as you might hope, but overall it is pretty adorable.

Diabolik Lovers

This one starts out as a bit of a bummer, in its way. Essentially, a young girl is thrown to the wolves (in this case, a house of vampires) as a sacrificial bride. As such, they are quite mean to her. If you stick with the series, you do see the boys soften up and bond with her. It is a lovely reverse harem if you are into handsome vampire men, I suppose.

Strike the Blood


This series has a touch more harem and ecchi vibes to it, but the romance is there too. The series plays fast and loose with vampire lore where a normal guy spontaneously combusts into not just a vampire, but one of the most powerful ones. As he is so powerful, he is assigned a woman to keep him in check. Any fans of romance anime can see where this is going.



There is no question that vampire romance can be broody, but that can also make it a touch sappy when it comes to romance as well. Blood+ is a unique beast for focusing on a serious and mature plot as well as having a nice grounded romance to it.

Dance in the Vampire Bund


As it follows a vampire noble woman looking to build a haven for vampires and her new werewolf bodyguard, it is easy to see that feelings may happen. Unfortunately, this series does strongly suffer from a lack of subsequent seasons. So for actualized romance, you may want to look to the manga. Despite that, it is also quite lovely for the effort put forward into world building around vampire lore.

Blood Lad


I went back and forth on including this one. Staz starts out helping the human girl stuck in the demon world not so much for romance, but because he is a human culture weeb. Yet, it is clear to see that feelings do develop between them, but it is very much a “write your own romance” primarily because it only has the one short season.

Do you have any more vampire romance anime series you would recommend to thirsty fans? Let them know in the comments section below.

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