15 Awkward Otaku moments only Anime Nerds will understand


Being a fan of anything inevitably leads to problems unique to that fandom, and anime is no different.

Otaku is used for an obsessive fan of anime/manga who is socially awkward.

A real anime fan doesn’t care what society say and feel proud on being an otaku, but as an otaku, all of you must have experienced these awkward moments.

1. When you can’t decide between Subs vs Dubs.

15 Awkward Otaku moments only Anime Nerds will understand
15 Awkward Otaku moments only Anime Nerds will understand

2. When you start acting like a certain anime character in public and you don’t even notice.

3. When fan-girling or fan-boying over attractive anime creeps out the rest of the normal folk.

4. When you constantly day-dream about the latest anime/manga that you’re obsessed with.

5. When you just can’t control your emotions while explaining your favorite anime series to your friends.


6. When someone insults your OTP.

7. When you try to explain your Parents that anime and manga are not just for Children.

8. When you can’t decide whether to read manga or watch anime.

9. When your favorite anime character dies.

10. When you start using Japanese words in your day to day life.


11. You’re too tired to explain to other folk that ANIME and CARTOON are not the same.

12. Waiting for weeks, months or even years for an anime episode or manga chapter to be released.

13. When you meet someone who likes the very same anime / manga that you do.

14. When you develop a crush on an anime character.

15. When you try to justify that you watch hentai just for the plot.

What’s your justification for this?!



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