18 Unsolved Naruto Mysteries No One Can Answer




1. If the moon is Sage’s descendent’s home and madara unleashed the infinite tsukyomi how come he didnt intervene?

2. If Sage’s descendent from the naruto movie noticed that the 10 tails statue went missing how come he didn’t retrieve it?

3. How did madara used Susano’o without eyes..?

4. Who are Minato’s parents? And what happened to his clan?

5. Why couldn’t Naruto fix Guy sensei’s legs, when he gave kakashi a new eye? or Why wasn’t Tsunade able to regenerate Guy sensei’s leg while she was able to make new arm for Naruto & Sasuke?

6.Why wasn’t the 3rd hokage reanimated young by Orochimaru? Because Madara was reanimated young by Kabuto even though he died at very old age,also 3rd Hokage was regarded as the strongest Hokage in Konoha’s history.

7. Why did kakashi’s sharingan fade after obito died? While shisui’s eye stolen by danzo as well as the one he gave to itachi were still okay?!

8. How did Hashirama die?

9. How did Hamura die?

10. How did Itachi get the totsuka blade and the yata mirror ?

11. Why Sasuke is able to use Sage Of The Six Paths powers, but not Naruto?

12. Are the tailed beasts immortal?!

13. Was Hiruzen really stronger than Hashirama and Tobirama? As he was reffered as the strongest shinobi of all time.

14. Who is Rock Lee’s wife?

15. Is Hidan still alive in the hole?

16. Why didn’t Nagato revive Yahiko?!

17. Why didn’t Himawari & Boruto posses Byakugan ?

18. What happened to/Who was Kaguya’s husband?

Don’t forget to comment below if you know any answers, and if you have more mysteries do comment below!


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