20 Things Only An Anime / Manga Lover Can Understand

20 Things Only An Anime / Manga Lover Can Understand
20 Things Only An Anime / Manga Lover Can Understand

1. You’re too tired to explain to other folk that ANIME and CARTOON are not the same.

This can infuriate even the amateur fans. Anime is not the same as cartoon, yo!

2. No one will ever understand your desire to go to Japan one day.

Land of anime. EVERY fan wants to go there. I mean, EVERY.

3. You freak out when you meet another anime / manga fan. (Especially, someone who likes the very same anime / manga that you do).

You just don’t know how you clicked on so fast!

4. …and you always end up having your own conversations with them, which won’t include anyone else.

Having your own secret language. Best feeling ever.

5. You at least know 1/5th of the Japanese language, and it is your dream to learn it all for one reason only…

That’s the dream, minna-san.

6. You have an endless amount of patience which accounted from the fact that you wait for your favorite episode/chapter to come out each week.

Sometimes, the new episode is just the recap of the old one. Patience level = magnified!

7. Fan-girling or fan-boying over attractive anime boys/girls creeps out the rest of the normal folk.

They’re not real people, you say? Just drawings, you say? Ha! They’re real. Inside our hearts.

8. You just want to drown in misery when you hear someone say that anime is for kids.

…you really think this is something kids can watch!

9. You know the meanings of almost every anime reference there is. Yandere, chibi, loli, kawaii…

You’ve probably seen them all in anime/manga, anyway.

10. You don’t consider those who watch only mainstream anime (Naruto, Bleach, Dragon Ball Z) as true fans.

A true fan stays true to the spirit of anime, and watches everything.

11. Given the chance, you’d enthusiastically convert any non-anime/manga-fan into an anime/manga-fan.

There are never enough anime/manga lovers out there. Join the club.

12. You constantly day-dream about the latest anime/manga that you’re obsessed with.

No matter where you are, what you’re doing, anime/manga is in your head.

13. You are fixated with learning who voiced which character in every anime you’ve watched.

You probably want to become part of the voice actor club, anyway.

14. When someone disturbs you while you’re watching anime or reading manga, you shall unleash the wrath.

‘Nuf said, yo. DO NOT DISTURB. It’s as sacred as a visit to the temple for us.

15. Your playlist is filled with anime soundtracks and your phone wallpaper is probably an anime character too.

You’ll probably even sing along to even freak your neighbors out.

16. You feel lost after your favorite anime/manga comes to an end.

What do we do now? It’s all over…all…over…

17. You are struck dumb when someone asks you what your favorite anime/manga is.

It’s like choosing between body parts! You can’t pick!

18. You’re always the different one in your group, and you’re proud of that difference.

It’s always the weirdness that constitutes awesomeness!

19. You randomly sprout words in Japanese to your close friends, because you know they’d get it somehow.

…and even if they don’t get it, you love the reaction they give, so you do it anyway.

20. No matter how old you are, you will never stop loving anime/manga.

This need not even be stated. It’s a given, after all.

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