22 White Lies All Anime Fans Say

1. I’ll go to bed after one more episode.

Image © Kyoto Animation


2. I only watched 4 or 5 episodes before passing out.

Image © Studio Deen


3. I watched all of Clannad and didn’t shed a tear.

Image © Kyoto Animation


4. Don’t worry mom, that figure only cost, like, $50

Image © Hobby Search


5. No, her clothes don’t come off…you don’t have to check!

Image © Penguin Parade


6. That package is full of school books.

Image © Shaft


7. I only spent $100 at the convention.


8. There is no hentai on my computer.

Image © Wit Studio


9. Seriously guys, I’ve never played an eroge.


10. I, uh, watched it for the plot!

Image © Arms

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