‘3 Partner Hajimemashita!’ is a New Manga That’s All About Polygamy


Katsu Aki has a reputation for weaving personal stories with erotica thanks to the success of Futari Ecchi. The rom-com between a newlywed couple explores their sexual escapades, and it has been ongoing since 1997!

Futari Ecchi
‘Futari Ecchi’ is well-known for exploring the sexual relations and fantasies between a married couple.

Now, Aki wants to explore a different kind of love in a new series — polygamy. His newly launched 3 Partner Hajimemashita! explores a particular woman who marries two men. Don’t worry, all parties involved are into it.

3 Partner Hajimemashita! launched on December 7, so there isn’t a lot of content to enjoy currently. It’s also on a monthly release cycle, so perspective fans will need a lot of patience as Aki constructs the plot.

3 Partner Hajimemashita!

The new series won’t interfere with Futari Ecchi, so long-time fans don’t have to worry about their favorite lovebirds disappearing.


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