30 Popular Anime Genre List – A Complete Guide with Explanations and Meanings


30 Popular Anime Genre List - A Complete Guide with Explanations and Meanings 30 Popular Anime Genre List – A Complete Guide with Explanations and Meanings[/caption]

If you’ve been an enthusiastic watcher of anime just like We all this time, then one thing or another you’ve come to know that each and every show comes with a set of specific genres.

We know there’s many anime genres in existence  because they come and go every now and then.

But, the most popular ones becomes general enough to stay for a very long time.

As much as possible, we’ve tried to make this a complete list of anime genres so that it can serve as your very own one-stop compendium for when you’re looking for a genre guide.

1. Action

The action genre in anime depicts extremely high levels of high-intensity action.

More often than not, you’ll be witnessing thrilling battles and action-packed fight scenes in the shows included in this genre.

Whether it makes you jump off your seat or knock your own socks off your feet, the feeling is close to those and it’s the rush and excitement of action that would make you want to do those.

Overall, the action genre usually possesses lots of battle scenes, fluid animation, and highly-engaging elements that will generally make your adrenaline go rush!

2. Adventure

Adventure as it stands by itself is about travelling and undertaking an adventure in a certain place or around the world.

In this genre, the main characters don’t usually stay in one place, but instead, ventures into several different places usually with a goal in mind.

Adventure anime are so broad and flexible that these shows usually can stretch to a huge number of episodes as well as mix-and-match with every other genre.

3. Comedy

The main purpose of the comedy genre is…you got it…to make you laugh!

If it fails to make you laugh or at least make you giggle, then it’s a failure.

But then again, humor can depend on each and everyone’s perspective.

Funny moments, hilarious scenes, wacky dialogues, comical happenings – all of these are covered by the comedy genre in anime!

4. Demons

Originally just a theme, the demons genre rose to its ranks because of the rising fame of demon characters and other demon-like elements.

As the term demon not only just encompasses literal demon characters, it also extends to other entities such as monsters, beasts, ghosts, and other demon-kind.

Believe it or not, this category doesn’t just come hand-in-hand with the horror genre; it surprisingly blends well with the other genres as well.

5. Drama

Tear-inducing and emotion-stimulating – these are basically what the drama genre does best!

Drama anime shows tends to connect the viewers to the experiences of the characters.

This results to the viewers feeling just as how the characters they are watching feels.

May it be a tickle of emotion or a barrage of feelings, the dramatic scenes’ goal is to connect and touch our emotional spirit.

In anime, one of the greatest sign that the drama effectively worked – is if it was able to make you cry/tear.

6. Ecchi

The word ecchi comes from the sound of “H” in the word hentai, which in turn means “pervert” in Japanese.

Having that said, this genre is generally accepted as a category full of slight sexual scenes and scenarios derived from sexual innuendoes.

It’s a fact that ecchi anime shows are taking an upswing nowadays as more and more titles are produced every season as if it’s becoming the trend.

More often than not, ecchi is paired up with comedy as both compliments each other well, which in turn serves as a buffer that prevents the shows from crossing the line and delving into much deeper inappropriateness.


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