33 Tumblr Pics Show You Real-life Side of Anime

These 33 tumblr pics will show you the real-life side of Anime.

1. The time they stood up for their children.

2. The time “comrade” became “nakama.”

3. The time they completed our #OOTD goals.

4. The time they were just a little confused.

5. The time they discovered the truth.

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6. And the time they solved the mystery.

7. When they celebrated New Year’s and all it brings.

8. And when they were a bit honest.

9. When they found what they never knew they were looking for…

10. And the time they did find exactly what they were looking for.

11. The time they mastered romance.

12. The time they somehow made Shakespeare even better.

13. When they made us admit this was kind of suspicious, to be honest.

14. When they commented on cartoon cliches.

15. And when they commented on anime cliches.

16. On Naruto.

17. And on sports anime.

18. The time they went in.

(Remember to read manga panels right to left!)

19. The time they had the perfect date for prom.

20. When they explained the difference between anime genres.

21. The time they encouraged everyone to follow their dreams.

22. The time they created a hit new show.

23. The time they went to college.

24. The time subtlety was lost.

25. When they were defeated.

26. When they’d heard it all.

27. And when they explained what Bleach was actually about.

28. When YouTube finally figured out how to do ads right.

29. The time Mall Cops was a bit off the mark.

30. The time they reminded us that bullying is wrong.

31. The time they got help from a friend.

32. The time they realized it was either all or nothing.

33. And the time they sipped just a lil truth tea.

Even though we love to make fun of ourselves for being total weebs, there’s no need to be rude to someone for liking anime.

Now you know, anime is not just a world of virtual, it has the real-life side, which would strike you into the heart at times.

And each every time it strikes, you’re defenseless.



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