4 careers you can pursue if you are an anime lover

4 careers you can pursue if you are an anime lover

4 careers you can pursue if you are an anime lover
4 careers you can pursue if you are an anime lover

The Philippines is home to the biggest anime fans in the world. A lot of FIlipinos remain passionate about Japanese animation and pop culture that some fans would want to pursue an anime-related career in the future.

We list some of the jobs you might want to consider if you’re a certified anime fan:

1. Animator

With companies abroad choosing to outsource jobs in the Philippines because of affordable labor and high English proficiency, the animation industry in the country is expanding. It has been reported that the Philippine is slowly transforming into a major hub for creative content.

According to asia.nikkei.com, there are two animation productions currently based in the Philippines: Toon City Animation which makes animated television shows for Disney Television Animation and Universal Studios; and Toei Animation which is a Japanese company affiliated with Toei animation studio wherein its Philippine subsidiary handles 70% of the company’s work on animated movies.

2. Game developer

Aside from animation jobs, game developing is also growing in the Philippines as big companies overseas are outsourcing the jobs here in the country.

According to asia.nikkei.com, game development companies operating in the Philippines include Synergy88 group which is involved in animated film production; Secret 6 which services Sony Interactive Entertainment’s game development; KLab Cyscorpions which is a subsidiary of Japanese smartphone game developer KLab; and Ubisoft which is a French video game company which was established in south Manila last year.

3. Costume maker

Great costumes are vital to produce amazing fantasy movies and series. Commercial production houses also need costumes for their ads on TV. Sometimes, cosplayers also hire someone to create their outfits for special events and occasions. With these, becoming a costume maker could be a good part-time job or an alternative source of income in the future.

4. Voice Actor

Hero TV is home to international anime dubbed in Filipino. Every month, new anime shows are shown to provide the best localized anime experience for the Filipino fans. Hundreds of voice actors have been given the opportunity to dub Japan’s popular anime shows aired on Hero TV. You might want to consider a career as a voice actor and turn your passion for anime into a career.

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