All 6 Living Legends In One Piece

All 6 Living Legends In One Piece

All 6 Living Legends In One Piece
All 6 Living Legends In One Piece

There are lots of legends lurking in the world of One Piece. Some of them have already been revealed to us, but there may be some who will appear later in the story. Today, I’ve made a list of all known living legends in the world of One Piece. Let’s begin—

6. Silvers Rayleigh

Silvers Rayleigh was the First Mate of the Roger Pirates, and he was also known as the Dark King. Rayleigh is one of the strongest characters around in the series. Kizaru referred to him as a legend at Sabaody Archipelago, and rightly so, because he is someone who, despite his old age, possesses tremendous powers.

5. Sengoku

Sengoku was once the Fleet Admiral of the Marines, and now he is the Chief Inspector. He doesn’t have a role to play in the Marines’ military anymore. Sengoku is a legend from Roger’s era. He has chased him down tonnes of times.

4. Monkey D. Garp

Monkey D. Garp is pretty much like Sengoku. He is a legend of the Marines. He is an instructor in the Main right now. Garp chased down Roger several times, although he was never able to catch him. The Marines raised him to a Legendary status, and his powers justify that pretty well.

3. Shiki

Shiki is another living legend in the One Piece world. He was the rival of Whitebeard, and Roger. He was also known as the Flying Pirate. Shiki was very powerful, ad certainly a character on Yonko level. He might even return to the story later on.

2. Big Mom
Big Mom is a pirate from Roger’s era as well. She was a rival of Gol D. Roger. It is said that instead of fighting, Roger chose to sneak into her territory, and steal her Poneglyph, despite being a lot older than her. Big Mom is truly a monster, and one worthy of Legendary status.

1. Kaido

Kaido is a monster, who is also one of the Yonko. He was once the rival of Whitebeard as well. Kaido cannot die. He has gained the reputation of being Immortal. After Whitebeard’s death, he took over the title of the ‘Strongest’, and now he is known as the ‘World’s Strongest Creature’. His powers will be revealed in Wano.

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