cringeworth socially awkward anime characters

7 Ultimate Cringe Comedy Anime Series

cringeworth socially awkward anime characters

We have been conditioned to mostly know the right response to situations, or at least grow up to learn them. For example, you don’t come dressed up as Naruto, complete with headband, to school. It’s embarrassing. It makes you want to cover your face and not think about it. There are anime series that take advantage of this. They put their characters into embarrassing and uncomfortable situations purely for the cringe of their audience. Some will laugh at that embarrassment, and some will cringe because they relate too closely to it. If you are looking for these sort of cringe comedy anime shows, we got you.

watamote anime


This anime, to almost all who watch it, is almost physically painful to watch. The main character makes an effort to improve her popularity, but no matter what she does, she bungles it in such a way that makes her just seem more strange to her peers. It doesn’t get better. Every episode hurts a bit worse.

chunibyou beach episode

Love, Chuunibyou, and Other Delusions

As anime fans, I think we can all agree that we went through a Chuunibyou phase, we just didn’t know the term for it until this series. I’m sure a lot of us pretended to be someone special, powerful, cool, ect – and that’s fine. However, we all knew that we kept that shit private. To see these weebs doing their Chuunibyou thing in public…in front of normies…The horror! The cringe.

Doma Umaru from Himouto! Umaru-Chan

Himouto! Umaru-Chan

Umaru-chan is like looking in a mirror sometimes. The show details the dark selfish side of being an otaku. It does so in a comedic setting, but still, sometimes it is hard to see your actions performed on screen and realize how bad they may be to those around you.

haganai anime


Haganai is the ultimate “why can’t you just be normal!?” anime. The girls in the club are pretty, and could be popular if they weren’t so weird and cringe-y. However, despite all the strange things they do, the anime does send a nice message that there are other weirdos out there that will accept you.

The Wallflower anime

The Wallflower

The Wallflower is perhaps the best trauma drama anime out there. The main girl became a shut-in because of an insult that was so incredibly minor that it is ridiculous. One of the guys even calls her out on it at one point. Still, her shut-in nature is also…pretty hard to watch.

mysterious girlfriend x

Mysterious Girlfriend X

Not only is this show cringe-y because it features two equally awkward main characters pursuing their love, but it is also kind of gross. The story starts off because the main guy had an urge to taste the main girls spit. It doesn’t get better from there.

monthly girls nozaki kun romance anime

Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun

Oh, the things we do for love. Or rather, the things we do to try to get someone to notice our affections. This series is all about that painful and often unfruitful effort, but it turns the dial up to eleven.

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