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8 Simple Things Every Anime Fan Should Try To Do At Least Once

We all love anime and manga


And here some simple things we can try to show our love even more


*Note: you don’t have to do these things to be a good anime fan. Simply watching and enjoying the medium is enough!


1. Watch a few classic anime from each decade

Here is a quick starter pack:

  • 1960s: Astro Boy and Princess Knight 
  • 1970s: Science Ninja Team Gatchaman and Space Battleship Yamato
  • 1980s: Dirty Pair and Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
  • 1990s: Cowboy Bebop and Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • 2000s: Samurai Champloo and Baccano!

2. Attend a convention

They’re a fun place to meet people that love anime, and to maybe buy some cool items.

3. Cosplay as a anime or video game character

Professional grade or low cost, it doesn’t matter as long as you nail the basic essence of your character.

4. Buy 1 physical anime release


No matter what format, new, or second hand.

5. Read at least 1 manga or light novel that your favorite anime is based on

Lucky Star

You might fall in love with your favorite series again, or get frustrated with all the changes that were made.

6. Watch one live action TV drama based on an anime/manga/light novel

Boys Over Flowers

You might be surprised by how many of them are pretty good. N-n-not that I would know or anything…

7. Buy a piece of merchandise

From fan made Pokeballs to some cool sweaters, you don’t have to break the bank to get some nice merch.



8. Get someone into a series

Even better if the person has never had an interest in anime before!

Bonus: Take a trip to Akihabara, Japan

Via Japan-Guide

Better save up, but it’ll be worth it for every anime lover! Don’t forget to explore other places in Japan and to soak up the sights.

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