The 8 Struggles Of Being An Otaku

As a diehard anime fan, nothing is more costly than supporting the shows I love. I’m sure PLENTY of us deal with these types of struggles in more than one way like I do. Why don’t we take a quick look?


Squid Girl © Diomedea

I’m sure there is that one individual who can confidently flaunt money around and get their anime merch. But for the 99% of us, it’s EXPENSIVE. A keychain can cost you an average $9 or $10 bucks already (and let’s not talk about figures). So why do we keep buying this costly crap? To support the creators who make anime for us of course! We will cry for our wallets, but we’ll also support the industry.


2. Being that Lone Anime Watcher

Lucky Star © Kyoto Animation

Being part of a fandom can be lonely sometimes. This situation applies to your family, school, and maybe even a whole neighbourhood. However, it’s great when you have a friend that shares the same interest as you. You’ll have some good laughs, feels and debates on what worked and what didn’t.


3. Lack of Anime Conventions

Joshiraku © J.C Staff

I have a lot of friends tell me the lack or inability to visit any anime conventions near their area. Sure, there might be big ones like Anime Expo in California, Otakon in Baltimore, and Anime North in my own city of Toronto. However if you live in a small town or rural area, it can be difficult to get to these sometimes. Conventions are special because they gather many people of the same interests and you and provide awesome panels, sweet sales in dealer’s room, and a bunch of cosplayers.


The solution to lack of cons: find people in your area who also like anime and start a mini con. Even the biggest anime conventions we know today had to start somewhere.


4. High Shipping Costs

The Jetsons © Hanna Barbera Productions

Again, anime stuff is expensive, but it’s all to support the industry. However, it doesn’t change the fact that overseas shipping and currency exchange puts a huge dent in your wallet. Oh well.


5. Restricted Stuff

Skip Beat! © Hal Film Maker

There’s an exclusive new thing that you want to get that is associated with your favorite anime. But there’s a problem: it’s only available in Japan. Yes, being a Canadian kid, I’m getting used to limited choices on Netflix and not being able to purchase things not available in my country.


6. No Anime Exclusive TV Channels or Segments

C3 © Silver Link

Aside from Toonami on Adult Swim, anime being broadcasted on television has become non-existent. In the good ol’ days, people like myself had anime exclusive lineups such as Bionix and 4Kids. However, as time went on, anime was phased out and then I discovered the internet. Everything changed.

7. Fanservice Acceptance

Monogatari © Shaft

There’s only so many boobs and panty shots a person can take. Nearly every anime has it in one way, shape, or form. It’s not going anywhere and the dilemma that I hear some people can’t take when watching a show is the fanservice. Sometimes it can range from an innocent panty shot to… well I’ll let the picture above explain it for me.


8. Slow Wi-Fi

Watamote © Silver Link

God help us all…

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