9 Days till the day of the Final Battle in Wano


As we know, the decisive battle against the Beasts Pirates will occur in nine days. So here are some logistical predictions for Wano/Reverie

The Reverie

We are 5 days into Wano and the Reverie started at the same time, which is a 7 day event. We have 9 days until the Wano ceremony, but this also means there are 2 days left for the Reverie. This likely means we are going to see the end results of the Reverie pretty soon considering it ends way before Wano’s conclusion/war even starts, and its possible some if its problems carry over to Wano as a result.

Big Mom

So building off of a lot of predictions on Big Mom and Mother Caramel, I do think Big Mom is going to be this way for the majority of the arc (possibly due to Mother Caramels soul no longer being an influence).

The reason being is I have a big feeling she is going to be responsible for weakening Kaido enough for Luffy and other Supernovas to take on. While not guaranteed, I bring this up because Luffy soloing Kaido at this point entirely lowers the stakes on his future fights with possibly Akainu, Big Mom herself in the future, Shanks, Blackbeard, CP-0, Vegapunks new weapons, A Gorosei, Im, or whomever else confronts him after Wano to EoS. It seems thus Kaido may be taken out as a team effort.

Straw Hat Grand Fleet & Vivi

With the Reverie ending exactly 1 week before Wano’s war even begins, I’d like to point out that it’s very possible for all of the Grand Fleet members to possibly arrive at Wano in a weeks time. Two of them are at the Reverie, and the other 5 are in different areas around the New World. I do believe this is the “incident” they’ll be involved in, as the final war is a long ways off and they likely will do something sooner or later.

Additionally, it’s possible things go very bad at the Reverie overall. Vivi seems to be the center-focus of that arc, considering Im’s picture of her. Unknown if a group saves them, but it seems Cobra may die here (considering the Gorosei intend for him to) and Vivi may need to escape. Conveniently, there are 2 fleet members at the Reverie, ready to take her of needed. Does she return to Luffy? Is she the connection that makes Luffy want to take down the World Government? Who knows, but i think this is a real possibility.

Marco/Weevil & Rocks Pirates

Marco did turn down Nekomamushi, but of Weevil is looking for him, wouldnt it be wise for Marco to divert his attention away from Whitebeard’s home island? I do think Marco is going to encounter Weevil and start heading to Wano with him chasing after. Seems like a very real possibility.

Also probably time to bring Weevil and Marco back into the fold. Also, of Rocks is going to be a focus, Weevil, Bakkin, Big Mom, and Kaido would all be in the same location.

Jinbe, Germa66 & Others

Jinbe and the Sun Pirates will likely be part of the arc. It’s possible Germa 66 do too, unless they show up in a future arc. Apoo? Uroge? Caesar? Bege? Blackbeard? Moriah? Crocodile? (I do think the last 3 have future roles to play instead of here though, but Moriah does have ties to Kaido)

*Theory by Paperchampion23


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