A Job Site for Cosplayers is Launched in Japan

Nowadays, people from various industries need the help of cosplayers to promote their brands or products. Whether they’re video games, movies, anime, and so on. They have grown in demand as years go by.

A social network site called Cosplayer Archive opened a new website on Thursday called CosJob. This new website would offer job information for dedicated and serious cosplayers. The purpose of the website is to help cosplayers connect with companies in Japan and also to promote the cosplay industry.

From anime shop sales to “cosplay companions”, CosJob is the site that lists a lot of job offers from short-term, part-time, to even full-time.

Similar to LinkedIn, the website is a great convenience for both cosplayers and companies alike. You can create your own portfolio, list down your skills and work history, and so on. Communication is also a breeze through the use of the website’s message board.

Although this website seems to be exclusive in Japan, hopefully it will be open to other languages and nationalities as well so that they will be able to get the opportunities to work along with different industries through this very fun and creative hobby.

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