From anime to movies: Kana Hanazawa to star in the lead role for her first live-action movie

Voice actress Kana Hanazawa is one of the biggest names in the voice acting industry, and it seems that she is not just a beautiful voice as she takes her talents from voicing iconic anime characters to acting out in real life.


The versatile voice actress best known for her roles as IS: Infinite Stratos’s Charlotte Dunois, OreImo’s Kuroneko, Monogatari’s Nadeko Sengoku, Ro-Kyu-Bu’s Tomoka Minato, and Psycho-Pass’s Akane Tsunemori will be playing the lead role in the movie titled Kimi ga Inakucha Dame Nanda, which means It’s Definitely No Good You’re Not Here.


KanaHana, as she is known to some of her fans, will not only be acting in her very first live action lead role, but will also be singing the movie’s theme song. The movie is slated to premiere in Japanese cinemas this March 2015, and will also be getting an English-subbed version by Aniplex.

She will be playing an author named An, who has fallen into a writing slump after winning a rookie prize.One day, her cat goes missing, but as she is looking for it, she sees a mysterious message board telling her that if she wants to have her cat back, she must “take the sun from the world”. Other message boards pop-up as well, and they are written in the writing style of her father, also an author, who mysteriously disappeared.


Hanazawa, a former junior idol, is no stranger to live action, however, this will really be her first movie playing the lead role and is considered by many as a huge step in her already illustrious career.


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