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Anime Series Like Spirit Chronicles

When he was a child, Amakawa Haruto made a promise to his childhood friend to reunite. However, he could never fulfill that promise both because she had disappeared and because he was killed in a bus accident. Now, his memories…

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Anime Series Like Blue Spring Ride

kimi ni todoke big

Futaba Yoshioka was an attractive middle schooler, popular with boys, but not with girls. It left her feeling lonely, but none of that mattered as long as her crush, Kou Tanaka, liked her. However, when Kou moved away, Futaba decided…

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Anime Series Like Shaman King

There is a battle about to begin in Tokyo, the Shaman Fight. This tournament is held every 500 years where shamans, those who command spirits, test their skills in combat. The winner becomes the Shaman King and gains command of…

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