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Top Anime of 2021 (and Year in Review)

I was going to open this article with “it’s been a year, huh,” but then looked back and saw that’s exactly how I opened my last Year in Review, which pretty much tells you how things are going. You’d think we might…

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6 anime series that continued as manga

ga and anime are both popular forms of entertainment in Japan, and over the years, many manga series have been adapted into anime. But sometimes, a manga series is so popular that it continues to be published even after the…

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Anime Series Like Edens Zero

Fairy Tale

At Granbell Kingdom, an abandoned amusement park inhabited by machines, Shiki, the sole human, has lived among them since he was a young child. One day, another human named Rebecca comes to Granbell Kingdom with her feline companion Happy. Rebecca…

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Anime Series Like Spirit Chronicles

When he was a child, Amakawa Haruto made a promise to his childhood friend to reunite. However, he could never fulfill that promise both because she had disappeared and because he was killed in a bus accident. Now, his memories…

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Anime Series Like Blue Spring Ride

kimi ni todoke big

Futaba Yoshioka was an attractive middle schooler, popular with boys, but not with girls. It left her feeling lonely, but none of that mattered as long as her crush, Kou Tanaka, liked her. However, when Kou moved away, Futaba decided…

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