Artist Illustrates What Would Happen If Famous Characters Got Old

Although the years go fast for every one of us, it’s not very common to see this natural process of aging in cartoons or comics. Have you ever wondered what would happen if our beloved characters and superheroes just grew old and retired, like any other mortal person in the world?

Lesya Guseva is a Perm-based Russian artist who just made it easier for us to imagine this scenario. This artist created a series of illustrations called “Pensioners” where she portrayed some of our favorite Marvel, DC and even Disney characters finally taking their well-deserved rest and just enjoying their normal lives as older people. Have you ever tried to imagine Thor making a birdhouse with his little grandson, Spider-Man knitting with his wife, or Minnie and Mickey Mouse celebrating their 90 birthdays at Disneyland? Scroll down to see them all here for yourself!

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#1 Thor

#2 The Flash

#3 Supergirl And Wonder Woman

#4 Catwoman

#5 Harley Quinn

#6 Joker

#7 Deadpool

#8 Ariel

#9 Batman

#10 Spider-Man

#11 Snow White And Captain America

#12 Iron Man

#13 Genie And Doctor Strange

#14 Superman, Pocahontas And Meeko

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