Assassination Classroom manga is ending in 5 chapters



After a storied run in Weekly Shounen Jump! Magazine, it was announced in Shounen Jump!’s issue #12 that Yusei Matsui’s Assassination Classroom manga is almost at its end, as the series will be ending in the magazine’s issue #16, which will be shipping out next month.

Assassination Classroom manga is ending in 5 chapters

The manga’s ending coincides with Japan’s graduation season, which is usually being done in March. The same issue of Shounen Jump is also announcing that they are starting a “Graduation Countdown” for the manga, and will also feature an illustration by Yusei Matsui, which comments on the manga’s ending.

Previously, issue #11 of Weekly Shounen Jump! Magazine announced that the series is headed to the “conclusion of the fated battle.” So, will Class E finally assassinate Koro-sensei and save the Earth? I guess we will find out in March.



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