Attack on Titan 2 Gets English-Subbed Trailer

Attack on Titan 2 Gets English-Subbed Trailer
Attack on Titan 2 Gets English-Subbed Trailer

After we got the first glimpse of Attack on Titan season 2 via its first full-length trailer, I’m sure everyone just went all hype. Yes, even if we don’t know a lot of Japanese to understand what’s going on and what everyone’s saying.

Now, we can appreciate the trailer in all its goodness with the release of the English-subtitled version. For those who weren’t following the manga, we finally understand that Erwin Smith was referring to the fact that Titans have been protecting humanity from Titans through the Wall—though how this actually happens, we have yet to understand.

The season will also dive into the great divide. That is, the divide between the humans who knew about this secret and those who don’t. Fans also get to review the fact that there’s another Abnormal-looking Titan who’s actually attacking Titans. Being one who hasn’t read the manga—because I prefer the pace and surprise factor of the anime, thank you very much—I would love to see what’s up with that.

The Beast Titan, as everyone knows by now, is no less menacing now that we understand what his words in the end. There’s talk of another traitor in their midst, as well as a woman who’s supposed to know and has the right to know about the secrets of the Wall. And that’s something I actually know about, thanks to the spoilers.

Check out the full subtitled trailer below. Attack on Titan will be back for its second season on April 1.



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