“Attack on Titan – Wall Sina, Goodbye” Anime DVD Previewed

The next three volumes of Attack on Titan manga are set to be offered in limited editions with OAD episodes of an adaptation of the Lost Girls stories about Mikasa Ackerman and Annie Leonhart, supervised by series creator Hajime Isayama. The first of these, Annie story “Wall Sina, Goodbye” is out with volume 24 in Japan on Friday, and a preview offers a look.

Attack on Titan: Lost Girls was originally a pair of visual novels from Nitroplus and anime screenwriter Hiroshi Seko, released with volumes 3 and 6 of the original TV anime’s Blu-ray release in 2013 (Mikasa’s “Lost in the Cruel World” and Annie’s “Goodbye Wall Sina”). In 2014, Seko expanded these into a prose novel (released in North America by Vertical). In 2015, it became a manga from Ryōsuke Fuji (released in North America by Kodansha Comics). Now, it’s set to become an OAD, released with volume 24 (December 8th), 25 (April 9th) and 26 (August 9th) of the manga.

With Japanese release dates:
Vol. 24: Annie’s story Part 1 (8 Dec 2017)
Vol. 25: Annie’s story Part 2 (9 Apr 2018)
Vol. 26: Mikasa’s story (9 Aug 2018)


There’s also a preview of the volume itself… but you might want to skip it if you’ve not up to date on the manga and you’re sensitive to spoilers…

Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine with chapter 100 and the results of the third character rankings is out on December 9th

“Wall Sina, Goodbye” will be the first Lost Girls OVA to go public as it lands on December 8. The next one will be released in April 2018 when Attack on Titan releases its 25th manga volume. The third will then complete the trilogy in August 2018.

The OVAs are being produced by Wit Studio as the company oversees the actual Attack on Titan anime. Creator Hajime Isayama is also working the project.

If you are not familiar with Lost Girls, then you have a bit to catch up on. The story was published back in August 2015 before Kodansha confirmed it has licensed the serial for a collected release. The manga is based on a novel of the same name, and Ryosuke Fuji wrote and illustrated the serial. The story itself focuses Mikasa and Annie by exploring the leads’ backstories.

Lost Girls is made up for three collected stories. The first is titled “Wall Sina, Goodbye” and follows Annie a day before the Survey Corps heads on a mission and crosses a girl named Carly. Annie gets separated during the search mission and uncovers a wide-ranging criminal ring within the Stohess District which could affect her secret mission to find the Coordinate for Paradis.

The second story focuses on Mikasa and is titled “Lost in the Cruel World.” The story takes place in an alternate universe where Titans never existed, so she grew up with her parents by her side. Mikasa ends up meeting Eren Yeager despite the change, and it follows the start of the two’s friendship.

As for the third story, “Lost Girls” sees Mikasa and Annie come together in a brief encounter during their military training days. The girls talk about their training regimes, and they even broach the sensitive topic of why they each chose to join the military.

Are you looking forward to Attack on Titan’s new OVA?

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