Bishoujo Akane?! Renowned artists Shunya Yamashita and Shirow Miwa pay tribute to Psycho-Pass

With the Psycho-Pass movie currently experiencing much success in the Japanese box office, two of Japan’s most well renowned illustrators have payed some homage to the movie with several new artworks which are certainly a treat for fans.

Best known for turning Marvel, DC, and video game characters into bishoujo figures, Shunya Yamashita has already made himself famous around the world. He tweeted this image on his take on Akan Tsunemori, who looks a whole lot more like a bishoujo than normal. Who knows? Maybe we could see an Akane Bishoujo figure in the future?


Another well-known illustrator paying homage to Psycho-pass is Shirow Miwa, the illustrator best known for his work on the artworks for the band, Supercell. However, this ain’t just a Psycho-Pass tribute, but an iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls tribute as well as he features the Cinderella Girls Producer, Takeuchi-P, as an enforcer armed with a Dominator.


He also payed tribute to Durarara!! with a new fan art which depicts another normal day in Ikebukuro where Shizuo chases Izaya around and throwing a vending machine at him. Izayaaaa-kuuuuuuun



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