Bishounen: 18 Most Handsome Male Anime/Manga Characters Ever


14. Nura Rikuo – Nurarihyon no Mago

Nura Rikuo’s yokai/night form is absolutely one of the most handsome creations in the entire history of manga and anime despite that weird gravity-defying hair of his.

He is charismatic and thus was able to form and unify his own Hyakki Yako in a short period of time. He looks most handsome when he leads his very own tumultous horde.

15. Yue – Cardcaptor Sakura

Yue is the guardian of the Clow Cards and later on, of Sakura Kinomoto. He’s beautiful with his long silver hair tied loosely in a ponytail.

Yue is cold and serious on the outside but is a responsible and caring guardian for Sakura.

16. Rokudo Mukuro – Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Rokudo Mukuro is literally bad and is literally an ass but as the Mist Guardian he is quite unique and irreplaceable in terms of power, strength, and of course attractiveness.

He is different from all the other guardians owing to his dark past, but for us that is what makes him unique and lovable!

17. Soo-Won – Akatsuki no Yona

Soo-Won’s looks, personality and charisma stole not only Yona’s heart but ours as well. And there is just no denying how strong, smart and beautiful Soo-Won is!

18. Sesshomaru – Inuyasha

Sesshomaru is a proud full-fledged demon, and is usually emotionless, cold and indiffirent. He fears no one, not even Naraku, as he is confident in his own power.

He was your typical good-looking villain until he met Rin, and eventually the man became aware of that thing called emotion, though he wouldn’t let anyone know of it.

Who do you think is the most handsome manga/anime character ever?


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