Blackbeard Pirates are going to target the World Government!

In the recent chapter we saw the Blackbeard Pirates Catarina Devon has the Inu Inu No Mi which allows her to transform and impersonate other people as well as Shillew who now has Absalom’s devil fruit.

I believe this makes for very useful combination of devil fruits that will come in handy in terms of stealth and executing covert operations. Consider the fact that Lafitte can hypnotise and I think this is the direction they’re going.

Consider the fact that Shillew is a former prison guard of Impel Down, Lafitte is a former police officer, Pizzaro a former king and Moriah’s as well as Blackbeard former warlords as well as Aokiji a former admiral and now we also have Catarina Devon who might have certain inside WG knowledge herself as a high clearance guard of government labour camps (see the related theory linked below) this makes for a wealth of different types inside knowledge of the different levels of government bureaucracy and secrets. This combined with practical devil fruits and abilities that effectively would allow for smooth and stealthy operations and infiltrations makes for an awesome combination. I therefore think that the Blackbeard Pirates are the new clandestine and secret ops crew of the One Piece World.

If indeed Perona would join the Blackbeard Pirates seeing that she now knows that master Moriah is alive and well and that she intends to track down, this would further go in the direction of cementing the role of the Blackbeard Pirates as the ‘stealthiest’ pirate crew as she can use her ghosts to scout areas far and wide and who report back to her, which is how she managed to intercept the Straw hat Pirates entering Thriller Bark. As she can fly she can probably head to and somehow meet up with Moriah a lot faster than travelling by sea, obviously.

I believe the Blackbeard Pirates are going to target the Government next. Blackbeard seems to be in the know of the full the going-ons in both Mary Geoise and Wano as he knows of not only Luffy and likely Kid’s presence there because of him mentioning ‘hot-blooded brats’ in plural but also that Big Mom is on full pursuit after the Straw Hats. How can he know these things? I mean they’re certainly not broadcasting the fight between the Revolutionary Army and the ‘beast admirals’ nor whats going on with regards to Big Mom’s heading to Wano, so I bet you that he has got an insider inside the Marines or perhaps even on some level of the World Government and possibly even in Wano.

The Throne Wars is ramping up as well. I think the Blackbeard Pirates will take advantage of this turmoil that will unfold and actually attack Mary Geoise. With the royalties being escorted back home with the requisite back up accompanying them as well as possible marines being sent to Wano to appraise the situation, both Mary Geoise and the New Marine Headquarters will lack in defensive power seeing that they’re also dealing with the Revolutionaries, either in full scale battle or playing catch up with the Revolutionary Army if the latter decide to retreat.

If Blackbeard indeed has an abettor that reports everything back to him, he will be privy to all of this and so he might await the right time to engage, just like he did in Marineford when he awaited the most opportune moment to enter Marineford. This time we might also get a glimpse of who his stronger allies are besides Aokiji. As the time is ripe for attack, Blackbeard of course can’t help but be in a jolly good mood. All he has to do is wait and pull the right strings.

I also think that Moriah’s power will somehow lend itself well to the situation. Being able to bring back shadows of some dead government officer or minister can also add as a diversionary tactic just as an example. I’m sure the great thinker Blackbeard has way more figured out than I can possibly imagine and can use some creative way to use his ability. I’m sure he’s working on a plan involving Moriah right now as I’m writing this, no doubt about it.

*Theory by Critical Mindset

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