‘Bleach’ Confirms New Manga One-Shot’s Release

‘Bleach’ Confirms New Manga One-Shot’s Release

Are you ready for more Bleach? Yes, it has been a couple years since Tite Kubo brought the series to a close, but that doesn’t mean the Soul Society shut its doors for good. This year, the franchise is making a comeback with a live-action outing, and Bleach will celebrate with a brand-new manga chapter for fans.

‘Bleach’ Confirms New Manga One-Shot’s Release

Last year, Shueisha let its readers know a 2018 issue of Shonen Jump would have something special for it. Thanks to Kubo, a new Bleach one-shot is slated to go live this year before its movie premieres, and it seems fans know when the story is being published.

Recently, Shonen Jump confirmed when and where Bleach’s one-shot will be found. A magazine advert revealed the Bleach update will be published in Saikyou Jump’s July issue.

“Shinigami Swordsmen. Before the live-action movie is released, the strongest Substitute Shinigami will make an appearance in a magazine extra comic,” a Twitter translator known as Manga Keitan shared.

“There will be 3 excerpts focusing and introducing the Shinigami appearing in the live-action movie. Furthermore, it will completely cover the latest information and other topics regarding the live-action movie.”

Right now, there is no word on which Soul Reapers the one-shot will focus on. The manga is meant to set up the Bleach movie, and the adaptation will cover the ‘Substitute Soul Reaper’ arc to start. This means Kubo’s one-shot will likely act as a prequel to the series, showing how characters like Rukia and Renji behaved before the story kicked off.

The live-action Bleach adaptation releases July 20 in Japan and has released its first full trailer.The film will adapt the first arc of the series, the “Substitute Shinigami” arc. The current cast includes Sota Fukushi as Ichigo Kurosaki and Hana Sugisaki as Rukia Kuchiki is MIYAVI, who will play Byakuya Kuchiki Ryou Yoshizawa, as Uryuu Ishida, and Taichi Saotome as Renji Abarai.

For those unfamiliar with Tite Kubo’s Bleach, the series follows the young delinquent Ichigo Kurosaki, who had the ability to see spirits. He soon obtains the power of a Soul Reaper – one meant to usher lost souls to the afterlife – and now has the duty to defend the living world from monstrous dark spirits known as Hollows.

‘Bleach’ Confirms New Manga One-Shot’s Release

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