Boruto Anime Episode Schedule April 2018

Boruto Anime Episode Schedule April 2018

Boruto has already started airing the Momoshiki arc and it is off to a really solid start. The first episode involved Team Konohamaru, who were fighting the White Zetsu. The place where they were at was actually one of the relics of Kaguya Ōtsutsuki. Kaguya, as we know, had built the White Zetsu army in order to prepare for the invasion. Now, we have got the schedule for Boruto Anime Episode for the month of April with the summary and release date.

Boruto Anime Episode Schedule April 2018

Boruto Anime Episode Schedule April 2018

  • 53 Himawari’s Birthday April 11
  • 54 Sasuke and Boruto April 18
  • 55 Scientific Ninja Tool April 25
  • 56 Rivals, Gather!! May 2
  • 57 The Reason that I Can’t Lose May 9

Episode 53: Himawari’s Birthday

As the Chunin exams draw nearer, everyone is getting ready to take part in the exams. However, Boruto is not ready to participate. His refusal comes as a shock to everyone. During this time, Boruto’s family is celebrating Himawari’s birthday. Boruto is happy that his father, Naruto, is home for the birthday of his little sister. However, at night, the Uzumaki family is visited by a guest.

Boruto Anime Episode Schedule April 2018

Episode 54: Sasuke and Boruto

Boruto’s is angry at his father for ruining his sister’s birthday. He goes to confront Naruto directly. On the way, Boruto meets Sasuke and in his Boruto attacks Sasuke. But, he is taken down by Sasuke in an instant. After seeing Sasuke’s strength, Boruto asks Sasuke to mentor him.

Episode 55: Scientific Ninja Tool

Boruto has already begun his training with Sasuke. Boruto is only focused on Naruto, he is still angry with him and whenever he faces any problem while training, he asks Sasuke for a solution. Boruto just wants to show his strength to his father and he decides to take the Chunin Exams. During the same time, Killer Bee is assaulted by Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki, who comes from a different dimension.

Episode 56: Rivals, Gather!!

The Chunin exams are beginning and Chunin from all the villages making way to the Hidden Leaf. The tensions are running high as the Chunin are already taunting one another. Finally, the First Test of the Chunin Examination begins.

Episode 57: The Reason that I Can’t Lose

We currently don’t have any summary of this episode.

There is a lot of good stuff up. The upcoming episodes are going to be amazing so if you want to watch the series, now is a good time to catch up. You watch Boruto episodes on Crunchyroll, download is not available for this show.

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