Boruto Director Answers One Of The Biggest Questions Regarding The Anime

Boruto Director Answers One Of The Biggest Questions Regarding The Anime
Boruto Director Answers One Of The Biggest Questions Regarding The Anime

Hey, guys. Boruto anime has been going on for quite some time now. It started in the early spring of this year. Most fans were hyped for the series as they hoped that Boruto would carry the torch from Naruto and lead the Next Generation of ninjas to glory. However, the series has come under a lot of scrutinies and it certainly has not impressed many of the fans.

One of the biggest reasons for this is the Boruto: Naruto The Movie. Well actually in the movie, Boruto cheats during the Chunin Exams, which certainly tarnished Naruto’s reputation as the Hokage of the Hidden Leaf. But, some of the things might be changing soon as the visual of Momoshiki arc recently came out. There will some changes to the story and it will be definitely worth looking forward to.

In an interview, the director of Boruto answered an important question about the difference between Ikemoto and Kishimoto’s work.
Q: Now, Ikemoto Mikio is in the middle of serialization in Shonen Jump for ‘Boruto’. What about his sketches?
Yamashita: “I’m fond of Ikemoto-sensei’s sketches. I especially like the ‘real touch’ of his characters and the upper lips…(laugh). Well, I thought Momoshiki was really cool, I was thinking honestly, ‘He did it!’. In terms of panel layout, his oblong landscape layout for frames is really cool. But for the anime, it’s difficult to depict the two-page spreads. It’ll be trial-and-error for me to depict Ikemoto-sensei’s ninja action in the anime. In comparison to the depiction of Kishimoto-sensei’s manga, it is more detailed and realistic.”

“I don’t think there are other manga like it. When kunai fly from their bags, Kishimoto-sensei uses three panels! Including sound, there’s the panels to accommodate in the anime. It’s even difficult for an animator to draw the characters movement at the angles that Kishimoto-sensei has drawn them. I think it’s an advanced sketch.”

He has pointed out an important thing and if you look at what he’s trying to say, you’ll actually realize that it is indeed true.That’s it from me.


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