‘Boruto’ Just Stepped Up Its Gore With Sasuke’s Daughter

'Boruto' Just Stepped Up Its Gore With Sasuke's Daughter
‘Boruto’ Just Stepped Up Its Gore With Sasuke’s Daughter

Warning! Spoilers for Boruto’s 30th episode lie below:

There’s only a few episodes left of Boruto’s “Mist Village’ saga, and the anime hopes to end the story with a bang. The show’s latest episode dropped earlier today, showing off a few battles as the Mist’s new Swordsmen rebel against the village in a coup. And, as fans just noticed, one of the scenes got a bit more gory than anyone anticipated.

Towards the end of Boruto’s 30th episode, fans watched as Sarada Uchiha took on one of the Mist’s new rebels in a one-on-one match. Buntan Kurosuki wields the sword Kiba during the match, but Sarada is able to match the certified ninja thanks to her Sharingan and genjutsu. As the episode came to a close, Sarada made Buntan fall for a genjutsu to lure the Mist rebel into a false sense of security, and the vixen showed how far she was willing to go to beat Sarada.

You know, because she cut the girl’s head off.

After placing Buntan under a genjutsu, Sarada made the other ninja believe she was still fighting the Uchiha while Sarada laid a trap. The Mist ninja continued to fight, and when she had an opening, Buntan flipped over Sarada with her sword extended. A flash of blood then arced across the scene as Buntan landed. Sarada’s still body could be seen shadowed in the background, and fans can barely see how Buntan basically decapitated Sarada when her head falls forward. A close-up for the girl’s dead eyes prove Buntan’s amputation worked, but the Mist ninja didn’t get to celebrate for long. After all, Sarada’s genjutsu broke not long after and informed Buntan she hadn’t actually killed the Leaf ninja.

Boruto may have hid Sarada’s decapitation in the shadows, but fans were still impressed to see how intense the anime got. The Uchiha heiress is not even a full-fledged ninja yet the show was willing to cut the girl’s head off to show off Buntan’s brutal strength. So, fans can only hope Boruto’s unflinching animation continues to evolve as its leads get older and encounter new, dangerous enemies.


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