‘Boruto’ Reveals The Fate of The Ninja World And Naruto Uzumaki


Kawaki is a young Ninja who has destroyed Konohagakure and also killed/severely incapacitated Naruto Uzumaki, the 7th Hokage. It’s been quite some time since we were introduced to Kawaki now, and maybe we’ll see a glimpse of his powers and abilities soon. However, for now, only one question looms large in the heads of every fan.

What happened to the Shinobi? As you all might have noticed, Kawaki seems to claim that all the Shinobi in the future are done for. Whether they’ve been killed or not is unclear. But, what we do is that Kawaki has dealt with them already. I think everyone expects Naruto Uzumaki, and Sasuke to arrive somehow and save the day. This is because most of you believe that the Shinobis aren’t dead.

‘Boruto’ Reveals The Fate of The Ninja World And Naruto Uzumaki

However, here’s something interesting. When Kawaki attacks Konoha, he proclaims the age of Shinobi to be over. I believe most of you caught that. But, what’s even more interesting is how Boruto responds to it. He doesn’t say anything that negates the statement of Kawaki. Instead, he says, “Was this the only way, Kawaki?” and then goes on to say, “Even so… I’m still a Shinobi!”. What this means is that Boruto Uzumaki actually agrees with Kawaki, and the age of Shinobi has truly been eradicated. Kawaki, and probably some of his friends have completely annihilated the Ninja world. This is probably why Naruto Uzumaki, or any other ninja isn’t seen there.

‘Boruto’ Reveals The Fate of The Ninja World And Naruto Uzumaki

I believe that they’ve all been somehow transported to another dimension, where they can’t even escape from. That’s why Kawaki said I’ll send you to the same place I sent the Seventh, and that’s probably why Naruto’s death was not directly confirmed. I don’t think Kawaki has killed Naruto. Instead, I think they’re all in a different dimension.

It is probably some Jutsu that Kawaki got access to. We all know that Boruto’s Jougan has the ability to detect the barriers in space-time. This is why Boruto is the key to saving everyone. He’s the one who can restore the Ninja world back to the way it was, and this will all be possible only once Kawaki is defeated.


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