Break-Up Goes South After Girlfriend Steals Over US$800 of Anime DVDs


Gunma Prefectural Police arrested a 23-year-old unemployed woman in Akashi on Saturday for allegedly stealing her boyfriend’s anime DVDs. The woman allegedly stole eight DVD sets worth about 90,000 yen (about US$810) from her 49-year-old boyfriend whom she was living with and resold them at around 10:45 a.m. on Friday. According to police, the woman admitted to stealing and reselling the DVDs because she had no money.

Twitter user @wkkazuya claims to be the victim and Tweeted a picture of empty spaces on his collection shelf. He says that it isn’t a joke and that some of the stolen sets were unopened limited printed copies.

Some of the more valuable anime that were stolen included Sora no ManimaniDarker Than BlackTrue Tears, and Android Kikaider. The police report stated that Magical Lyrical Nanoha and Fullmetal Alchemist were also stolen from him.

Break-Up Goes South After Girlfriend Steals Over US0 of Anime DVDs
Break-Up Goes South After Girlfriend Steals Over US0 of Anime DVDs

According to @wkkazyua, his girlfriend had quit her job and was staying with him after she was expelled from her previous housing. He also says that she threatened to steal his anime before and believes that she has stolen from him in the past. The girlfriend has already admitted to the theft, citing the lack of money as motivation.

The man also revealed on Twitter that the stolen items were recovered at a neighborhood GEO store, and police seized them as evidence. @wkkazuya revealed that all of the items that had been unopened had been opened. He added that he is seeking damages related to the case and is currently searching for a lawyer.

However, he says that there is a silver lining. His beloved copies of Tokyo Pig and Azuki-chan are safe since they are stored in a different room. He believes that Azuki-chan is extremely valuable.


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