BREAKING: Kim Kardashian says she’s ‘obsessed’ with anime


BREAKING: Kim Kardashian says she's 'obsessed' with anime
BREAKING: Kim Kardashian says she’s ‘obsessed’ with anime

Don’t go around calling Kim Kardashian West a fake geek girl, anime fans. The mogul may not be in your top lane of pop culture, but she wants to be part of the otaku world. After all, Kardashian did just confirm she’s a fan of anime before to the whole world.

Just check out the celeb’s Twitter. You’ll see how obsessed she is.

Not long ago, social media started buzzing after a tweet was sent out by Kardashian. The message, which can be found below, reveals her interest in anime inspired her most recent makeover.

“I am obsessed with anime,” Kardashian wrote to a fan. “That was legit my inspo.”

If you are not familiar with Kardashian’s recent makeover, you should know the look has big anime roots. Right now, much of the Kardashian clan is in Japan to promote Kanye West’s upcoming Yeezy line. After being blond for ages, the rapper’s wife stepped out in Tokyo with some bright pink hair.

So, if the look gave you Sakura Haruno vibes, you were not going crazy. There’s a good chance Kardashian stans the Leaf Village heroine.

At first, netizens thought the pink hair was thanks to a wig, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. The celeb told fans on Twitter she was over her blond hair, and Kardashian has since teased her pink hair may stick around for awhile.

Some may be surprised by this anime-centric confession, but Kardashian has not hidden her interest in anime. Over a year ago, the celeb brought her husband to Tokyo to celebrate his birthday. The pair toured the bustling city together, and Kardashian shared a throwback photo from the trip on Instagram recently. The picture showed Kardashian browsing manga at a manga retailer in Shinjuku, and fans wondered if she was picking up books for herself or West. After all, the rapper has openly talked about his love of anime in the past, so the pair might have celebrated with an impromptu Akira marathon.

Which anime series would you recommend to Kardashian?


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