Buying & selling Facebook fan pages is easy, you just need to do it right!

Do you own a Facebook fanpage with plenty of likes? Chances are that if you have a Facebook page with a large following, then you will have plenty of messages asking if you would be willing to sell your page. But how real are those offers? Is your fanpage really something you could sell? How much is it worth? Who will buy it? How will they pay? This website will try to answer all of those questions, and hopefully guide you through this process smoothly.

The most important thing to remember is to be careful!  The business of buying and selling fanpages is plagued with scammers. Before we talk about safe places to sell your fanpage please read about the current ongoing scams that you might fall for, if you’re not careful.

This is the most common way admins lose their fanpages, and end up without money & their page:

  • First, you will receive a message via your fanpage offering you a large sum of money to sell your page to them. We’re talking “6000 USD per 100k fans” type of messages.
  • Next, they will ask you to add them on your personal Facebook profile. The  profiles of the scammers will be 100% fake, you can spot them by the fact the account is pretty new, and all of the pictures were added on or around the same day. The account will have few friends and no interaction on the page with their ‘friends’. However, there have been cases of more careful scammers who go to great lengths and make their accounts somewhat believable.
  • They will then ask you to give them some role on the page, they will initially ask for screen shots, which once provided the scammers will always want more, they will ask for you to make them insight analyst. A lot of people don’t realise the default admin role is ‘Admin’ and people often don’t change it to ‘Insight analyst’ and have already lost their page. They can be pretty insistent when trying to scam you out of your page.
  • Then they will ask if you have Paypal and even make full or partial payment to lure you in.

The Paypal scam

  • Now any money sent via Paypal will ALWAYS get reversed (if you happen to accept from a scammer) so don’t be blinded by the money sitting in your account as this means nothing. You could ask for it to be sent as a gift but that is an old urban myth, it will not protect you, as the sender can claim his account was accessed by an authorized person.
  • The sender will almost always win as you can not prove you sold them a page as it’s A, against Facebook’s TOS (Terms of service) so you can’t ask Facebook to verify and B, a page not a physical item. It can be argued that you never owned it in the first place.
  • They will also ask you to send them an invoice via your Paypal, don’t forget this will then be giving then your name and address as it’s auto included in the invoice.
  • As a page is not a ‘physical item’ they can argue that they never received it. Also, you can’t exactly ask Facebook to back you up since it’s against their rules.

Other payment options

The scammers will also offer you Weston union which is plagued with danger and in some circumstances a bank transfer. Dangers there being the scammers could use a stolen account to transfer money from you. Don’t forget you are dealing with con artists here so they very well could be stealing people’s bank accounts as well as Facebook pages.

So is there a safe way to sell your fanpage?

Don’t worry, it is not all grey skies, there are safe marketplaces where you can sell your fanpage. Before we can talk about them let’s figure out how much is your fanpage worth and places where you can safely sell them.

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