Cosplayer Jessica Nigri to voice Super Sonico in the English Dub

American Cosplayer, Jessica Nigri, is known for her sexy and often revealing cosplays, Sentai Filmworks has announced that the world-renowned cosplayer will be voicing a character that is considered very similar to her – Super Sonico.


She even wore Sonico’s iconic headphones, which she wears even when taking baths. The cosplayer has previously voiced Cinder Fall in RWYB and has also cosplayed Sonico herself on several occasions, including last year’s Anime Expo 2014. In a statement, Nigri talked about her role and said

“I always felt a connection with Sonico. She’s just got such a positive and genuine spirit about her that when they asked me about playing the part, I squealed with joy! It’s like my dream was finally coming true. Being here with my Sentai family has been surreal.”


Sonico, best known for being the mascot character for Nitroplus, has gotten her very own anime last year called Super Sonico the Animation.

sonico 1

The English dub for Super Sonico the Animation will be released for Blu-Ray and DVDs starting May 26, 2015.



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