Cowboy Bebop Director to Bring New Anime in April 2019

The creator behind Cowboy Bebop is preparing for a big comeback. Shinichiro Watanabe is known worldwide for his creative style, and the artist will soon put his flare on a new series. New reports have revealed Watanabe’s brand-new anime, and the colorful piece looks like a hit in the making.

Fuji Television announced its first details about Watanabe’s Carol & Tuesday today. The debut went live at a lineup reveal for its +Ultra anime brand. The new series is set to debut in April 2019, and it features an all-star crew.

Watanabe is set to direct the series while Aya Watanabe does its scriptwriting. Eisaku Kubonouchi will oversee all character designs, so fans can expect some truly whimsical artwork from Carol & Tuesday.

As far as details go, nothing has been announced in terms of story. A teaser for the anime was shared, and it can be found above. The reel, as you can see, simply shows off the show’s main characters. To the left, a slender girl wearing a teal dress and stockings can be seen an umbrella as she stands before another person. The other girl can be seen sitting down before the blond-lead, and her red overalls give her tomboy look a vibrant style.

The show’s animation is being handled by Studio Bones, and FlyingDog will do its music production. It seems like Carol & Tuesday will focus on music in someway as auditions are being held for singers. The global tryouts are for the anime’s leads, so fans are curious how music will fit into Watanabe’s latest project.

This is not the first time Watanabe has talked about his on-going work, but this is the project’s debut. Last fall, anime fans learned Watanabe was working on a series with Studio Bones. This new series is the first he’s overseen since Terror in Resonance debuted in 2014.

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