Creative Thai cosplay artist makes netizens cry from laughter with his interesting depictions of BLACKPINK’s Lisa


Netizens have discovered a very creative Thai cosplay artist, doing hilariously on-point depictions of BLACKPINK’s Lisa!

The cosplay artist, known as ‘Low Cost Cosplay‘, works on cosplays ranging from memes to anime characters, as well as the one and only Lisa. Check out some of his creations below!





Netizens said,


“Kkekekekekekkeke You gotta give it to him for creativity.”

“This is so funny kekekekekekeke.”

“The cat kekekekekekeke.”

“He’s got a gift for this kekekekeke.”

“This is crazy kekekekeke.”

“I’m actually impressed kekekeke.”

“The way he expresses himself as a fan is way too out of the ordinary kekekekeke.”

“How did he think of this stuff kekekekeke.”

“I laughed so hard kekekeke.”

“I’m not kidding, I see no difference kekekekekekeke.”

“I wanna see him trying the other members too kekekekekeke.”

And more!

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