Cue the Lilies! Japanese Fans Vote for “Best Yuri Anime”


In a recent online poll sponsored by Akiba Souken’s “Anime Portal” website, Japanese fans were asked to vote for their favorite yuri anime – anime that features an often-romanticized same-sex attraction between young ladies.


The poll ran from February 01 – February 29, 2016, and fans were allowed to pick their top 3 choices from a list of 20 candidates. The top ten results were as follows:



10.) Simoun. (71 votes)



09.) Valkyrie Drive – MERMAID. (101 votes)



08.) Yurikuma Arashi. (139 votes)



07.) Kannazuki no Miko. (169 votes)



06.) Sweet Blue Flowers. (173 votes)



05.) Strawberry Panic. (212 votes)



04.) Maria Watches Over Us. (264 votes)



03.) Pandora in the Crimson Shell: Ghost Urn. (328 votes)



02.) Sakura Trick. (1497 votes)



01.) YuruYuri. (1672 votes)


A total of 4884 votes were cast throughout the polling process, and there was a significant jump in terms of the amount of votes separating the Number 3 spot from the Number 2 spot. Sakura Trick received more than 4 times as many votes as Pandora in the Crimson Shell: Ghost Urn, although YuruYuri ultimately snatched the victory by a difference of only 175 votes.


Source: Akiba Souken via Otakomu


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