‘D.N. Angel’ Manga to Return on May 24!

It’s been a while for one nostalgic series.

It was revealed in the Monthly Asuka magazine’s June issue on Tuesday that the D.N. Angel manga is slated to return in its July issue on May 24. A D.N. Angel illustration by Sugisaki was featured in the June issue as a way to commemorate its return. The magazine also featured “STAGE4 VOL. 13” and “STAGE4 VOL. 14” stories which have not yet been released in the manga volumes.

To refresh your memory, D.N. Angel is manga series created by Yukiru Sugisaki first launched in 1997. The series is about a boy named Daisuke Niwa, a 14-year-old who tries to confess his love for his dream girl but sadly fails. Whenever he thinks about the girl, he transforms in Dark Mousy, the legendary phantom thief.

The manga went on hiatus around 2005 and was then return in 2008 without an ending of the story in the manga’s 15th volume. The anime adaptation produced by Xebec aired in Japan in 2003.

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