Dragon Ball Super Episode 120 Hinted At The Biggest Fusion In Tournament of Power


Hey guys! Today, I wanna talk about the Tournament of Power, and the possibility of fusion in it. But, as always, before I begin, I wanna warn you all of possible spoilers in this post. There may be heavy spoilers about the next couple of episodes, and potential spoilers about the Tournament of Power as well. So please continue at your own discretion.

With hat out of the way, let’s continue with the post. We’ve already seen some fusions in the Tournament of Power. So, that pretty much says that it is indeed possible right now, and even in the ending moments of the Tournament of Power. We saw Kafla, and then Koichiarator, and in the next episode, we are going to see Aniraza as well. But, Aniraza might not be the last fusion that we’re going to see. I believe there is a possibility that we might see more.

After Aniraza is eliminated, Universe 3 will be eliminated, and we will be left with just Universe 7 and Universe 11. Both of these Universes are very powerful. Universe 11 has three members left, and Universe 7 will have about 5 left at the end of Episode 121 of Dragon Ball Super. There is a chance of fusion from either sides. However, Universe 11 won’t pursue it because when they came into the Tournament of Power, their trump card was Jiren.

They didn’t think they’d need to fuse. Even now, they’re the front runners so there is no need of fusion from Universe 11. However, Universe 7 has a couple we’ve seen fuse before so many times. I’m talking about Goku and Vegeta. At this point, I’m sure that all of you are aware of the fact that there is a possibility that Goku and Vegeta might fuse.

However, most people deny that because they don’t think Goku and Vegeta can work together, ever. Only in the most dire situations do they ever cooperate. But in Dragon Ball Super Episode 120, we clearly saw Goku and Vegeta working together to defeat Koichiarator. This is something we haven’t seen before in the Tournament of Power, or even before that. Goku and Vegeta just don’t like working together.

However, now, it seems because their Universe is at risk, we might finally see them working together. Another interesting thing to note is that Jiren’s strength is monstrous. Even though Goku was able to match him in Ultra Instinct, we don’t know how much of his power Jiren was using. Going by Dragon Ball’s previous plot, Jiren likely hasn’t shown us his full power yet. So, I think Ultra Instinct Goku might not be enough. The need for Vegetto will arise, and I think we will see Vegetto in the Tournament of Power.


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